19 September, 2019


Blue Santa Fill the Helmet

Blue Santa Fills the Helmet has allowed children to receive holiday gifts, when it may be otherwise impossible. No child should have to go through the holiday season without receiving a gift from Santa Claus, or their family. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Blue Santa Fills the Helmet strives to reach all those children, and more! of Blue Santa Fill the Helmet


There is a great deal of requests for assistance during the holiday season, especially this year with the impact of COVID-19. While we would like to, we are unable to assist  all families that require assistance. All applications will be evaluated and a decision will be made from a committee. Priority assistance will be given to families that fall at, or under, 200% of poverty level.

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Without the help of volunteers, this event would not be possible. There is a lot of work done before the event, preparing and sorting all the gifts and packages. The day of the event is filled with joy and laughter as you see the children receiving their gifts. 

This year, with COVID-19, the need is even higher. With higher demand, comes the higher need for volunteers. If you volunteered at any of our past events, you have seen the families meet with Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus as they receive their gifts, then they were served a home cooked holiday meal.  While this year won’t look like the past years’, it will still be fun and exciting for all involved.

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Businesses! We are asking for your assistance in supporting this amazing program. The benevolence of businesses like yours makes it possible to give Christmas gifts and a holiday meal to those families that are most in need. The number of children we have provided for has grown every year. Please include business cards along with the donation. We will be posting a list of all donors on our website and social media sites, as a thank you for your support.

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